Lake Garda in September

The taxi was early which meant we beat the check in queues but the plane was delayed.

Saturday 14th   We had to check out of our room by 10:00 but the taxi wasn’t picking us up until 3:00 so plenty of time for a walk, this time heading towards Torri.

Friday 13th  Market Day in Garda (biggest market on Lake Garda) and we found a few stalls near the ferry which we quickly visited wondering what all the fuss was about so headed off into the town. We met a couple from the hotel and advised them not to bother. We turned down another street, and lo! There was the massive market where we spent the next few hours! Luckily we saw our fellow inmates who thankfully had not taken our advice. There were some very good stalls and we bought a few things including, yes, another bag each! Such bargains!

Time for another al fresco lunch and as it was now very hot, back to the hotel and the need to think about packing. We met up with Heather and Chester for a drink before dinner and again down in the town for the advertised concert of opera arias, except there was no singing to be heard or found. It was however very pleasant to stroll around.

But it was really hot so we turned round and went towards Bardolino along the shadier path. After coffee, it was time for paddling before lunch (more bruschetta and pizza).

Bag Score

5 Each!

By the time we left APH parking we were hungry – there was only one thing to do, it had to be McDonald’s to finish our holiday.