Feeling like commuters, we followed the now familiar pattern of train, boat and 2 buses to Shalfleet where we had a short walk on the road before we were able to follow a footpath across fields and along gravel tracks.

We opted not to take the short cut and were rewarded with a very pleasant lunch spot sitting on the jetty at Newtown Harbour Nature Reserve.

Subtitled: “Houston, we have a problem”

Progress was steady today, 15+ stiles were a bit of a challenge but all was going well until the twinge in Allison’s leg became exceedingly painful, with walking now very slow with frequent stops. Getting over stiles was not a pretty sight! Looking on the bright side, this was our first injury in all our miles of walking (in-growing toenails discounted!)

Lunch included some plums with bright red flesh…..sadly, these had squashed in the rucksack and anyone subsequently taking our lunch spot could well have thought that some kind of massacre might have taken place there.

The path was at last becoming a coastal path with some wonderful views though it was difficult to appreciate these in the circumstances. We eventually made it back to civilisation and the main road where we opted to finish for the day and wait for a bus as there was still a good mile into Yarmouth. We had to wait for an hour!

But then we were soon back at Ryde and just the pier to limp along for the 18:47 ferry. It had been a long day and we were not even home in time for the Antiques Roadshow.

3. Shalfleet to Yarmouth


Ryde to East Cowes

Sat 19 May 2018

8 miles


West Cowes to Shalfleet

Sun 2 Jun 2018

9 miles


Shalfleet to Yarmouth

Sun 10 Jun 2018

8 miles


Yarmouth to Freshwater Bay

Thu 11 Apr 2019

9 miles


Freshwater Bay to Brighstone

Fri 12 Apr 2019

6 miles


Brighstone to  St Catherine’s Point

Sat 6 Jul 2019

8 miles


St Catherine’s Point to Ventnor

Wed 10 Apr 2019

6 miles


Ventnor to Sandown

Sun 12 May 2019

6 miles


Sandown to Bembridge

Sun 23 Jun 2019

6 miles


Bembridge to Ryde

Sun 21 Jul 2019

6 miles

The Isle of Wight Coastal Path